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Organics Alive – The Best Fertilizer for Your Dispensary

Oct 29, 2022 | Cannabis, Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Growers, Organic

Organics Alive – The Best Fertilizer for Your Dispensary

When we started our commercial garden, we wanted to make sure that we were using the best possible products to ensure a healthy and robust crop. We did our research and decided to go with Organics Alive fertilizer and amendments. We’re so glad that we did! Not only has our garden flourished since we began using their products, but we’ve also been able to save money on our overall gardening costs. Today, we’re going to tell you a little bit about our experience with Organics Alive and why we recommend their products to other growers.

Why We Chose Organics Alive

There are so many fertilizers marketed towards cannabis. Even many of the natural and organic fertilizers contain heavy metals and are water-based negatively impacting the environment and consumers health. Through our network of soil experts and independent research we found Organics Alive. Organics Alive provides complete plant nutrition, are made sustainably, while being easy to use and store. All of this makes their product line perfect to use in our custom fertilizer program, see more here Why Soil Testing is Important for Cannabis post.

When it comes to plant nutrition Organics Alive said it best, “OA fertilizers do not break into anions and cations because they are built on carbon. Therefore, OA fertilizers are neutral and do not contain excessive salts like conventional fertilizers. Regular fertilizers break down into nutrient ions (NO3-, PO4-2 or K+) and are absorbed by the plant roots through active transport, meaning the plant needs to expend energy and/or exchange other nutrients to allow absorption inside the plant. OA fertilizers do not undergo this break down process because they are built on carbon and are neutral. The carbon acts as a facilitator for passive absorption which allows the plant to save energy for its growth.”

Organics Alive invests time and resources in creating cutting-edge fertilizer technologies. They specialize in vermiculture, fermentation, microbial extraction, and carbon-based fertilizers. Additionally, all of their products are produced without the use of heavy mining, animal byproducts, or conventional salt composition. Their products are offered in powder, granular and liquid form. As a commercial grow, we chose powder as it can adapted to large custom fertilizer batches. Liquid products are already in solution making mixing even easier. Liquid fertilizers are a great option for beginners, research, and other small-scale operations. Granular is often used in large scale outdoor applications or where tank mixing is limited.

How Organics Alive Has Helped Our Garden Thrive

As a Clean Green Certified farm, what we feed our plants matters. In fact, all Clean Green Certified operations must provide a complete list of all inputs used to create your final product. This ensures all Clean Green certified cannabis is managed organically and with the utmost respect for our earth. Organics Alive checks all the boxes needed for Clean Green certification while having the ease of use mentioned above.

We Highly Recommend Organics Alive’s Products To Other Growers

If you’re looking for a fertilizer that will help your garden thrive, then we highly recommend giving Organics Alive a try. Their products are made from high quality ingredients, they’re sustainable, and they

really do make a difference in terms of yield and plant health. We hope that you’ll check them out and see for yourself how great their products are!


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