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Oklahoma's First Clean Green Certified® Cannabis Farm

The closest you can get to “organic” in the cannabis industry.


We trust PureLabs for Oklahoma cannabis compliance testing.

We're passionate about soil.

The foundation of a healthy plant starts with the soil. Our custom soil blend is a permanent living entity on the ranch, and its year-over-year care is our key to premium, organically grown cannabis. We prioritize soil fertility by cultivating a community of bacteria and fungi nurtured by compost teas and organic amendments. In turn, the soil provides all the nutrition to sustain plant growth and optimize plant yield. As with wine, our soil imparts a unique terpene profile reconnecting cannabis consumers with nature.

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Heatlhy Rooted Clones Guaranteed

Top-Shelf Cannabis Genetics

Comprehensive Integrated Pest-Management

A Company You Can Trust

We have over 10+ Years of Commercial Marijuana Cloning Experience.

Our Roots Run Deep. Family Owned and Locally Grown.