Min            Max             Unit Price

20               200               $7.00

201            1,000            $6.00

1,000+                            $5.00

Min            Max             Unit Price

20               200               $10.00

201            1,000              $6.00

1,000+                               $8.00

Sherb Crasher Clone


Sherb Crasher is a hybrid weed strain. Reviewers on Leafly say this strain makes them feel energetic, tingly, and aroused.

Bare Rooted Clones: Approx. 6-8″ of plant growth. Media: Varied-Rockwool, Peat Dube, or Aeroponics.

Teen in Soil: Approx. Up to 12″ plant growth. Media: Organic soil 1gal pot.

Clone in soil (3.5″ pots) are available for custom clone orders. Please contact 405-768-1068 for more information.


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