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Rhiza’s Ranch-grown cannabis is the highest quality available

The closet to “Organic” that cannabis can get.

We use best practices using natural pesticides and control methods which are maintained under organically based regulations. The Clean Green Certified® program ensures we are legally compliant at the state level.

Recognized as having the highest level of standards in the world. Chris Van Hook founded one of only 84 fully accredited USDA National Organic Program companies globally. We are honored to be a part of this reputable industry. 



We're passionate about soil.

The foundation of a healthy plant starts with the soil. Our custom soil blend is a permanent living entity on the ranch, and its year-over-year care is our key to premium, organically grown cannabis. We prioritize soil fertility by cultivating a community of bacteria and fungi nurtured by compost teas and organic amendments. In turn, the soil provides all the nutrition to sustain plant growth and optimize plant yield. As with wine, our soil imparts a unique terpene profile reconnecting cannabis consumers with nature.

Our roots run deep

Rhiza Ranch is a family owned and operated farm in Harrah, OK. As the first certified Clean Green cannabis grower in Oklahoma, we strive to give patients access to clean, responsibly grown cannabis.

Organics Alive – The Best Fertilizer for Your Dispensary

Organics Alive - The Best Fertilizer for Your Dispensary When we started our commercial garden, we wanted to make sure that we were using the best possible products to ensure a healthy and robust crop. We did our research and decided to go with Organics Alive...

Grow House Greenhouse – Building Progress Update

Grow House Greenhouse - Building Progress Update We are excited to give our grow house greenhouse partners and followers a progress update on the construction of our newest custom-built greenhouse. This state-of-the-art facility will be used for cannabis cultivation...

The Benefits of Getting Clean Green Certified®

The Benefits of Getting Clean Green Certified® If you're in the business of growing and selling legal cannabis, then you know that there's a lot of regulation to navigate. In addition to complying with state and federal laws, you also need to make sure that your...

Why Soil Testing is Important for Cannabis

Why Soil Testing is Important for Cannabis For any cannabis grower, soil testing is an essential part of cultivation. By testing the soil, you can determine what nutrients are present and what might be lacking. This information is crucial for maintaining a healthy...

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